Inspired – Elly Mayday

I recently had an article shared with me about a Canadian model named Elly Mayday and her battle with Ovarian Cancer. The article talked about how one of the companies she is working with handled it (which I give them a HUGE kudos for) as well as about Elly and how she is facing everything herself. That article can be featured HERE.

I know I sometimes take my time between posts on here, but when something like this comes up, something truly inspirational, I have to drop everything and share it with the rest of you! I know when I was going through treatment and decided to keep working people couldn’t wrap their head around it. It was hard to explain that to me it was a matter of not letting Cancer win, not letting it change my life or my day to day routine. At the time I hadn’t heard much about Ovarian Cancer at all, let alone about others fighting the disease.

Reading this article brought me back to that stage, to those thoughts and to figuring out what was going to work for me through treatment. Elly is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL person inside and out, and I am so happy to see that she’s not letting Cancer hold her back or steal any of that from her! Following along on her Facebook page (HERE) I have had a chance to not only see her beautiful photos, but to see her her smile throughout everything.

She asked on her Facebook page for her fans to write her snailmail if they want to reach out to her right now, and I am going to do that for sure, but I also wanted to put a little shout out on here. Elly Mayday you are an inspriation to many. Thank you for standing up, sharing your story and helping to get the word out on a disease that is WAY too often forgotten about, swept under the rug and ignored!

I should also add before finishing this blog up that I want to give a huge shoutout as well to the company mentioned in the above link, Forever Yours Lingerie who not only has stood by Elly Mayday through this battle, but is doing their own part to put this disease out there to remind everyone that it IS a concern and we SHOULD be aware!

Getting the Word Out!

Although the attention is still somewhat weird to me, I still haven’t been able to get used to it, I am so excited to see yet another example of publicity coming to the cause! This month Best Health Magazine has featured a handful of the climbers from our expedition! 



The focus of this article is on the preparations that each of us made to physically get ready for the climb. Each of the women interviewed talks about the challenge that we took in doing this, and how we got ourselves into shape to do it. It discusses how much each of us raised as well as a mention of the cause itself. 

I am SO happy to see that months after our expedition we are still seeing attention brought to the cause from this! For every person I see mention the climb and the cause it makes the whole preparation and the climb all worth it all over again! 



If you can get your hands on the magazine check it out! Its on shelves now – We just saw it out at our local Shoppers Drug Mart! 

Christmas Update – Part 2

The Christmas holidays has been a busy time for us, a time of roadtrips, celebrations and family!

We spend Christmas Eve with my husband’s family, Christmas Day and Boxing Day with my own. We exchanged gifts, ate great food, got lots of hugs/kisses/cuddles from nieces and nephews and travelled plenty of hours back and forth on the highway. In the end I would say it was a holiday well spent! I love that we both come from families that focus on the time together rather than just on the commercialism that Christmas has become.


Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Christmas Update!

Well the Christmas season certainly seems to have an effect on my blogging… it keeps me away from the computer so much that you’d think I vanished off the face of the earth! With making homemade gifts, shopping, wrapping, Christmas parties, Christmas movies, getting together with friends/family…. We’re definitely super busy this time of year! All for great reasons!

I know I have referenced on here that I belong to an online group of women I met during wedding planning. The ‘September 2012 Wives’ (we all got married Sept 2012 which is how we came together) are still a community growing strong, supporting each other through the ups and downs of married life, and I am SO thankful for them! Well this year for Christmas we opted to do an ornament exchange and I got some GORGEOUS ornaments back. There was one set though that I wanted to draw attention to on here considering the main focus of this blog…


Are they not gorgeous? What a beautiful way to commemorate the year we climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for Ovarian Cancer Canada! We have been talking about getting a real tree next year (I always had one growing up) and these ornaments sparked the idea of what I’m going to do with our little 4 1/2 foot tree… I think I am going to watch the sales after Christmas and decorate myself a teal and silver tree! It will be SO perfect for our house!

To continue on the update, my work Christmas party was last weekend. We got quite the storm here Friday night into Saturday and Saturday was the party…. Stories all over the news made it clear that the roads weren’t pretty, with accidents everywhere. The ride in that normally would have been 1/2 an hour tops took over an hour, and we even had sections of the drive where we weren’t positive we were even on the road (it was just a big blanket of white before us) but a ton of people still made it there for a great evening of music, food, and good company.


Besides that it has been a busy, busy time getting all our gifts together. The UPS man showed up last night with a special gift we had ordered for our God Daughter which then prompted a trip to finish shopping for all the kids in the family – a big feat in itself! I still have some homemade gifts to finish, and a couple more gifts to buy for some of the adults, but we’re SO close now… Which is good because we’re quickly running out of time!

Let the race against time begin….

Watching the Community Come Together!

There has been a lot of buzz recently in the Windsor/Essex area regarding the state of our Cancer Care and for good reason! For those of you that haven’t been following recent events Cancer Care Ontario has asked our local hospital to stop performing thoracic surgeries as we don’t do enough of them in the area to meet the minimum quota required to be deemed a level 1 or 2 facility. The threat then followed that if they do not cease to do the surgeries then the hospital will lose nearly $800,000 in funding.

The biggest argument in support of this has been that surgeries should be condensed to the hospitals with the correct classifications, and it has been pointed out that hospitals in the Toronto area, for example, that are trauma centers don’t have thoracic surgery, they make use of other hospitals in the area. Here’s the biggest reason why that is a bogus reasoning for the cut down here – The closest hospital in Ontario to us is 2 HOURS AWAY! We can’t just call the next hospital in the city like they have the luxury of doing in Toronto!

One local MPP has made it his mission to stand up to this decision, and tonight hundreds joined Taras Natyshak in a town hall meeting to voice their concerns and to band together to fight back.



It was so moving to see so many people band together for a cause! Windsor/Essex will not go down without a fight on this one. I was also very proud to hear that Windsor Regional Hospital, and their CEO and Hospital President David Musyj, have stood up and said that they will not be bullied into stopping the surgeries here! This fight is just getting started, and if parliament and CCO think its going to be an easy one, they can think again!

We need to protect our local health care in order to protect all those around us, those we love! The idea of threatening funding to force a hospital into complying is a sad realization of where our society is at this time. Lets stand up and make our voices heard!

For more information, check out the Windsor Star article HERE

A Heart of Gold – Meet Gabby!

I haven’t had a chance to post much as of late, life has been super busy! Between doing various awareness booths and outreach opportunities, and trying to get ourselves back into the daily grind after the climb, it seems like there is always something exciting going on! 

One opportunity we had to get the word out was at a large Ladies Expo that is held here in our hometown of Windsor every year. This is a large event full of vendors catering towards women – jewelry, handbags, makeup, etc. We set up an Ovarian Cancer Canada booth and used this as an opportunity to reach out to women and share information regarding Ovarian Cancer and our annual walk. 

Here’s our booth: 


While we were at this event we had a chance to meet a beautiful young lady with one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen – Gabby. Gabby’s booth (Gabby’s Gifts) was set up across from us where she was selling her homemade bracelets. She started making her bracelets as a way to help her with her math, but this became a labor of love as she started selling them at various events raising money for different charities in the area such as various Cancer charities, Alzheimers, and more. 

Gabby had come to talk to us a couple times at our booth, and it didn’t take long for one of us to scoop up the only teal cancer bracelet that she had for sale! As the day went on Gabby came over with some news that moved us nearly to tears. She had decided that she wanted to donate the money she had made at the Expo to our cause, and was looking forward to making more teal bracelets to partner with us at future events! 


Follow Gabby by liking her Facebook page Gabby’s Gifts HERE

What a beautiful example of the next generation of volunteers and supporters that are now coming up and getting active! We could learn A LOT from the generous heart of this young woman!