My Biggest Gift…

Last night I  attended my first committee meeting for our local OCC Walk of Hope. This sparked a big conversation on the ride to the meeting with my husband about just what our biggest gift is that we have to give the world to help fight this horrible disease. We knew we wanted to volunteer our time where it could be most used… Are we organized? Are we creative? Do we have the ‘right’ connections? What did we have to give?

I realized something in that moment. My biggest gift in this fight against Ovarian Cancer is me… My story, the reality of what it means, how it affects you, the fact it CAN and DOES happen to young women who don’t even know it exists!

What bigger gift do I have to give to those that are fighting, have fought or someday may have to fight this monster then my voice?

So for anyone reading this that may have an experience. Anyone who has fought this monster, is fighting this monster, held the hand of someone as they fought this monster…. Whatever your experience may be – Speak out. Be loud and be proud! Make a difference by making it known.

The biggest obstacle we face, the thing that gives this Cancer its biggest power is that no one knows. Lets turn the tides and take back control of our bodies!


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