A Few Pictures…

I just wanted to take a moment to share a few pictures as I had promised! We will be holding a fundraising event here including a slideshow so we aren’t releasing a ton of pictures online until after that, but wanted to share a few for now! We will share many more in the future (took over 300)!


This is the full group of us all ready to go to the Expedition, including our guide Macon!


Climbing together, making our way up the mountain.


Almost there, and we can see the top as we climb. So blessed to have the chance to face yet another challenge in life with my best friend by my side! (He was by my side right through my treatment too)


Reached the summit! Standing at the Uhuru Peak sign with the banner signed by all our supporters. Thank you SO much to everyone that has has supported us financially, mentally, emotionally, etc as we spent nearly a year preparing for this moment! The group is ALMOST at our fundraising goal and with final celebration events being planned I know we’re going to reach it!


We Did It!!!

It’s been a long and short week all in one…  Yesterday we returned to our hotel to let it all sink in.  We,  a group of Ovarian Cancer Survivors,  family and friends,  climbed Mount Kilimanjaro this week. Not only that,  all climbers in our group reached the summit!

We laughed together and cried together.  We shouted from the summit that we will beat this disease! 

When I return home in a couple days I will do some detailed posts including photos to update everyone! 

Today I am sore,  tired and out of this world happy!!

Walk of Hope 2013

Alright, I know my blogging has died of quite a bit recently. That’s largely due to the number of things we’ve had going on! On top of getting ourselves organized for the Expedition of Hope and working on fundraising for that, my husband and I are also both on the Walk of Hope committee for our local walk! 

This morning I watched an amazing group of people young and old gather at Malden Park in Windsor for our walk. I watched tears and laughter, hugging and crying, Zumba and memorial photos…. What a rollercoaster of emotions and what an amazing day! Thank you SO much to my fellow committee members, as well as to AM800, especially Lisa Williams for joining me as an emcee this morning. 

I just wanted to take a moment to share a few photos of what today was to me: 

Up at 0’Dark thirty to gather with the rest of our committee and volunteers to get everything set up (Tim Hortons in hand lol)


Some of the fun we had set up around including decorations, teal photobooth props and our banner which made an appearance for more signatures today: 





My husband and I during the set up: 



Emceeing with Lisa Williams from AM800: 



Also I had brought a little something special of my own. Last Friday was Wear Teal Day. I belong to a group of women that first met while planning our weddings on The Knot with one thing in common, weddings in September 2012. We have since become amazingly close despite living across Canada and the US (and one person even in Greece). For Wear Teal Day these amazing ladies showed their support to me in DROVES posting photos of themselves, their husbands, their children… all wearing Teal! I took these pictures and created a collage to bring with me so that I could bring some of my greatest supporters to walk with me today: 



What a day to be reminded of just how blessed we are! 


September Already…

Wow, its hard to believe that its already September! This month marks so much for me and is going to be SUPER busy but also SUPER exciting! 

The month of September means: 

– My first wedding anniversary (we made it a year already, wow how time flies)

– My second Walk for Hope, first as a member of the planning committee

– The expedition itself (Less than 3 weeks until we’re in Tanzania!)

So many great things going on and yet we’re not quite there yet…. There is still the last week of rushing around for the Walk next weekend, there is still over 2 weeks to fundraise of the expedition and I am still 20 days from my Anniversary. 

This marks the beginning of the final stretch, and I am going to appeal to all of you out there to help me make this final stretch epic… 

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Lets start by just sharing with a couple people and break the silence that is this disease. I checked our Facebook page for the climb, we have over 100 people on there. So if each person told just 5 people about this disease that would be 500 people we could reach! The best way to do this is to do it together…. 

Also if there is anyone still interested in sponsoring the Expedition the donation page is http://tinyurl.com/expofhope

Thank you!

Been Awhile…

Sorry to my more loyal followers in advance, it has been awhile since I posted last! For starters things at work have been pretty crazy, not to mention the fact that I am less than a month away from the climb now! 

On a more humorous note….  I also wasn’t blogging because I totally forgot my login information! So glad that I just figured it out again! 

25 days until we arrive in Tanzania, 27 days until we begin our climb! Its crazy to think this is getting SO close now ! We have been making final payments, working through our gear list to make sure we have everything, and hitting the gym on the daily. 

Its amazing to think how just a few years ago I was being told I was facing this disease and was questioning how to get through day to day and now I’m planning out something this big with my now husband! How life can change in an instant! 

This coming weekend we are doing a BBQ and information booth at the local Walmart. Fingers crossed that will help us to bring in quite a bit for Ovarian Cancer Canada, and also give me the chance to reach out to women who may already be, or some day may be, touched by this! We also have the walk coming up, for which I have taken on the Media Lead position in our area. Next week on Wednesday I will be on a local talk radio station with another woman talking about the walk, ovarian cancer, etc. LOVE having this chance to reach out and hopefully touch someone! 

Thank you to EVERYONE in our life… for the emotional/mental support, the donations, the volunteering at our events, the opportunities… This kind of thing doesn’t come together just because of one person!!!! Thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart! 

PS for anyone still wanting to donate, you can do so at tinyurl.com/expofhope 

Love on Four Legs

Any one else out there have a four legged friend/family member that saw them through the most difficult times of their life? A furry confident, partner in crime, roommate and associate. A wet nose, but the warmest, most loving heart that you’ve known to exist?

I think back to when I was first diagnosed, when this whole journey started. I lived on my own in a house in the city. I was working a couple jobs, taking care of myself and living life the way I knew house. I had trust issues… I kept my friends at a distance and had been convinced to atleast try dating when I felt like that was never going to work out for me.

There was one friend that was by my side through everything. One friend that didn’t judge or try to ‘solve’ the situation. A friend that didn’t try to tell me what I should do, how I should feel or react. There was Daviana.

I had adopted Dav from the local Humane Society at a year old. In the months that followed she became undeniably Mommy’s Girl. She would do anything for me, and I did everything I could for her. Dav is now 5. She lives with my husband and I as well as our 2 cats and her puppy brother Indiana. One thing I do know is that she is STILL Mommy’s girl.

She always knows. She cuddles me when I’m sad, warms me up when I’m shivering and watches over me when I feel ill. I know there are a lot of people to thank for helping me get through everything over the last few years but the one friend that really deserves more thanks than. anyone in my opinion is my Dav girl. Thank you girl for being the most loving, loyal and trustworthy friend a girl could ask for!


Relay for Life

Friday night I went to the Relay for Life to take part in the survivor lap with a group of ladies from a local Women’s Cancer Support Group I belong to. There is something to be said about the power of taking part in that event… Its exciting, overwhelming and emotional all wrapped up in one. You’re caught up in the excitement of the day, celebration that you’re a survivor, grief for those you’ve lost along the way, etc. I was so blessed to be able to walk that lap with my ladies. Here’s to another year together ladies, as each other’s friends, strength and support. Next year the plan is to actually have our own team for the relay and rock that track all night 😉


Healthy Eating Tip – Smoothie Packs

In my attempts to eat proper, healthy meals I have noticed the biggest struggle has been convincing myself to take the time for breakfast. I am one of those ‘grab a coffee or tea and go’ type people.

I was browsing Pinterest when I came across a great idea. Each Sunday take the time to cut up and seperate various fruit for smoothies all week.

This not only makes it super easy each morning to grab my little pack of fruit from the freezer but also let’s me have a good collection of different fruits all mixed in without worrying that I might waste anything 🙂


Highly recommend this for anyone else out there that struggles with breakfast!

Breaking Through the Media Barrier

There’s one thing that has always seemed to hold us back here, locally, when it comes to getting the word out about Ovarian Cancer… the media. It seems like no matter how many events we hold – walks, zumbathons, yogathons, you name it – we struggle to get the support of most of our normal media outlets. 

Today I am grinning as I know that I have put one more hole into that wall. I just got off the phone with a reporter from our local newspaper. They will be running a story about my husband and I and the Expedition of Hope this Monday, a photographer is coming by tomorrow to take a photo. 

Its just one step, but its a step in the right direction! If I have to climb a darn mountain just to get people’s attention, then that’s what I’ll do! Getting the word out, making women everywhere aware of this disease…. THAT is the key!