Getting the Word Out!

Although the attention is still somewhat weird to me, I still haven’t been able to get used to it, I am so excited to see yet another example of publicity coming to the cause! This month Best Health Magazine has featured a handful of the climbers from our expedition! 



The focus of this article is on the preparations that each of us made to physically get ready for the climb. Each of the women interviewed talks about the challenge that we took in doing this, and how we got ourselves into shape to do it. It discusses how much each of us raised as well as a mention of the cause itself. 

I am SO happy to see that months after our expedition we are still seeing attention brought to the cause from this! For every person I see mention the climb and the cause it makes the whole preparation and the climb all worth it all over again! 



If you can get your hands on the magazine check it out! Its on shelves now – We just saw it out at our local Shoppers Drug Mart! 


A Heart of Gold – Meet Gabby!

I haven’t had a chance to post much as of late, life has been super busy! Between doing various awareness booths and outreach opportunities, and trying to get ourselves back into the daily grind after the climb, it seems like there is always something exciting going on! 

One opportunity we had to get the word out was at a large Ladies Expo that is held here in our hometown of Windsor every year. This is a large event full of vendors catering towards women – jewelry, handbags, makeup, etc. We set up an Ovarian Cancer Canada booth and used this as an opportunity to reach out to women and share information regarding Ovarian Cancer and our annual walk. 

Here’s our booth: 


While we were at this event we had a chance to meet a beautiful young lady with one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen – Gabby. Gabby’s booth (Gabby’s Gifts) was set up across from us where she was selling her homemade bracelets. She started making her bracelets as a way to help her with her math, but this became a labor of love as she started selling them at various events raising money for different charities in the area such as various Cancer charities, Alzheimers, and more. 

Gabby had come to talk to us a couple times at our booth, and it didn’t take long for one of us to scoop up the only teal cancer bracelet that she had for sale! As the day went on Gabby came over with some news that moved us nearly to tears. She had decided that she wanted to donate the money she had made at the Expo to our cause, and was looking forward to making more teal bracelets to partner with us at future events! 


Follow Gabby by liking her Facebook page Gabby’s Gifts HERE

What a beautiful example of the next generation of volunteers and supporters that are now coming up and getting active! We could learn A LOT from the generous heart of this young woman!