A Few Pictures…

I just wanted to take a moment to share a few pictures as I had promised! We will be holding a fundraising event here including a slideshow so we aren’t releasing a ton of pictures online until after that, but wanted to share a few for now! We will share many more in the future (took over 300)!


This is the full group of us all ready to go to the Expedition, including our guide Macon!


Climbing together, making our way up the mountain.


Almost there, and we can see the top as we climb. So blessed to have the chance to face yet another challenge in life with my best friend by my side! (He was by my side right through my treatment too)


Reached the summit! Standing at the Uhuru Peak sign with the banner signed by all our supporters. Thank you SO much to everyone that has has supported us financially, mentally, emotionally, etc as we spent nearly a year preparing for this moment! The group is ALMOST at our fundraising goal and with final celebration events being planned I know we’re going to reach it!


The Joy of the Burn

Before my diagnosis I was a martial artist, a hiker and a gym rat… Funny how one little statement from a Dr seemed to change that so quickly. During treatment I wasn’t able to keep up with it all anymore…

Before long I had gained weight, started feeling VERY down on myself and wasn’t even sure whether I had the drive left to start again. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to accept being back at the starting line again, starting the journey back to being in shape.

I poked at it with a stick… Debated doing it many times but never fully giving myself a chance to really commit to getting back to the shape I knew and loved. I was full of excuses – Always too tired, too sore, too busy…

I am blessed the Expedition of Hope came into my life for the moment I signed up it was finally the turning point I needed. I now had a long term goal and the drive to run for it…

So here I am now saying its not too late! Set a goal, announce it to the world, hols yourself accountable and run for it! If you believe you can do it, you will 😉