Inspired – Elly Mayday

I recently had an article shared with me about a Canadian model named Elly Mayday and her battle with Ovarian Cancer. The article talked about how one of the companies she is working with handled it (which I give them a HUGE kudos for) as well as about Elly and how she is facing everything herself. That article can be featured HERE.

I know I sometimes take my time between posts on here, but when something like this comes up, something truly inspirational, I have to drop everything and share it with the rest of you! I know when I was going through treatment and decided to keep working people couldn’t wrap their head around it. It was hard to explain that to me it was a matter of not letting Cancer win, not letting it change my life or my day to day routine. At the time I hadn’t heard much about Ovarian Cancer at all, let alone about others fighting the disease.

Reading this article brought me back to that stage, to those thoughts and to figuring out what was going to work for me through treatment. Elly is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL person inside and out, and I am so happy to see that she’s not letting Cancer hold her back or steal any of that from her! Following along on her Facebook page (HERE) I have had a chance to not only see her beautiful photos, but to see her her smile throughout everything.

She asked on her Facebook page for her fans to write her snailmail if they want to reach out to her right now, and I am going to do that for sure, but I also wanted to put a little shout out on here. Elly Mayday you are an inspriation to many. Thank you for standing up, sharing your story and helping to get the word out on a disease that is WAY too often forgotten about, swept under the rug and ignored!

I should also add before finishing this blog up that I want to give a huge shoutout as well to the company mentioned in the above link, Forever Yours Lingerie who not only has stood by Elly Mayday through this battle, but is doing their own part to put this disease out there to remind everyone that it IS a concern and we SHOULD be aware!


Walk of Hope 2013

Alright, I know my blogging has died of quite a bit recently. That’s largely due to the number of things we’ve had going on! On top of getting ourselves organized for the Expedition of Hope and working on fundraising for that, my husband and I are also both on the Walk of Hope committee for our local walk! 

This morning I watched an amazing group of people young and old gather at Malden Park in Windsor for our walk. I watched tears and laughter, hugging and crying, Zumba and memorial photos…. What a rollercoaster of emotions and what an amazing day! Thank you SO much to my fellow committee members, as well as to AM800, especially Lisa Williams for joining me as an emcee this morning. 

I just wanted to take a moment to share a few photos of what today was to me: 

Up at 0’Dark thirty to gather with the rest of our committee and volunteers to get everything set up (Tim Hortons in hand lol)


Some of the fun we had set up around including decorations, teal photobooth props and our banner which made an appearance for more signatures today: 





My husband and I during the set up: 



Emceeing with Lisa Williams from AM800: 



Also I had brought a little something special of my own. Last Friday was Wear Teal Day. I belong to a group of women that first met while planning our weddings on The Knot with one thing in common, weddings in September 2012. We have since become amazingly close despite living across Canada and the US (and one person even in Greece). For Wear Teal Day these amazing ladies showed their support to me in DROVES posting photos of themselves, their husbands, their children… all wearing Teal! I took these pictures and created a collage to bring with me so that I could bring some of my greatest supporters to walk with me today: 



What a day to be reminded of just how blessed we are! 


Time for a Diet Change…

Between getting ready for the climb and trying to move forward in life I have realized that I REALLY need to start working on what I am eating/drinking! I was shocked when I stopped to look and realized exactly what it was that I was eating… Actually I’m not sure that ‘realize’ is the right choice given the fact I couldn’t even pronounce half the ingredients in the foods I was eating!

Moving forward I am going to do my best to follow a Clean Eating diet! Time to cut out processed foods and junk that I have been putting into my body! Your body can only function as well as the fuel that you put into it… I am going to start by planning meals and sharing some of my favourite clean eating recipes on here for anyone else that’s going down this road! Feel free to share your favourite recipes in the comments on here as well!!!!

I am going to start with a list of some of my favourite snacks:

– Trail  mix made of my favourite nuts/seeds, dried fruits, etc

– Hardboiled eggs

– Fruit balls in coconut milk

– Pickles

– Dehydrated apple slices

– Veggie chips

– Smoked salmon and cucumber slices

– Frozen grapes

The Joy of the Burn

Before my diagnosis I was a martial artist, a hiker and a gym rat… Funny how one little statement from a Dr seemed to change that so quickly. During treatment I wasn’t able to keep up with it all anymore…

Before long I had gained weight, started feeling VERY down on myself and wasn’t even sure whether I had the drive left to start again. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to accept being back at the starting line again, starting the journey back to being in shape.

I poked at it with a stick… Debated doing it many times but never fully giving myself a chance to really commit to getting back to the shape I knew and loved. I was full of excuses – Always too tired, too sore, too busy…

I am blessed the Expedition of Hope came into my life for the moment I signed up it was finally the turning point I needed. I now had a long term goal and the drive to run for it…

So here I am now saying its not too late! Set a goal, announce it to the world, hols yourself accountable and run for it! If you believe you can do it, you will 😉