Watching the Community Come Together!

There has been a lot of buzz recently in the Windsor/Essex area regarding the state of our Cancer Care and for good reason! For those of you that haven’t been following recent events Cancer Care Ontario has asked our local hospital to stop performing thoracic surgeries as we don’t do enough of them in the area to meet the minimum quota required to be deemed a level 1 or 2 facility. The threat then followed that if they do not cease to do the surgeries then the hospital will lose nearly $800,000 in funding.

The biggest argument in support of this has been that surgeries should be condensed to the hospitals with the correct classifications, and it has been pointed out that hospitals in the Toronto area, for example, that are trauma centers don’t have thoracic surgery, they make use of other hospitals in the area. Here’s the biggest reason why that is a bogus reasoning for the cut down here – The closest hospital in Ontario to us is 2 HOURS AWAY! We can’t just call the next hospital in the city like they have the luxury of doing in Toronto!

One local MPP has made it his mission to stand up to this decision, and tonight hundreds joined Taras Natyshak in a town hall meeting to voice their concerns and to band together to fight back.



It was so moving to see so many people band together for a cause! Windsor/Essex will not go down without a fight on this one. I was also very proud to hear that Windsor Regional Hospital, and their CEO and Hospital President David Musyj, have stood up and said that they will not be bullied into stopping the surgeries here! This fight is just getting started, and if parliament and CCO think its going to be an easy one, they can think again!

We need to protect our local health care in order to protect all those around us, those we love! The idea of threatening funding to force a hospital into complying is a sad realization of where our society is at this time. Lets stand up and make our voices heard!

For more information, check out the Windsor Star article HERE