Inspired – Elly Mayday

I recently had an article shared with me about a Canadian model named Elly Mayday and her battle with Ovarian Cancer. The article talked about how one of the companies she is working with handled it (which I give them a HUGE kudos for) as well as about Elly and how she is facing everything herself. That article can be featured HERE.

I know I sometimes take my time between posts on here, but when something like this comes up, something truly inspirational, I have to drop everything and share it with the rest of you! I know when I was going through treatment and decided to keep working people couldn’t wrap their head around it. It was hard to explain that to me it was a matter of not letting Cancer win, not letting it change my life or my day to day routine. At the time I hadn’t heard much about Ovarian Cancer at all, let alone about others fighting the disease.

Reading this article brought me back to that stage, to those thoughts and to figuring out what was going to work for me through treatment. Elly is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL person inside and out, and I am so happy to see that she’s not letting Cancer hold her back or steal any of that from her! Following along on her Facebook page (HERE) I have had a chance to not only see her beautiful photos, but to see her her smile throughout everything.

She asked on her Facebook page for her fans to write her snailmail if they want to reach out to her right now, and I am going to do that for sure, but I also wanted to put a little shout out on here. Elly Mayday you are an inspriation to many. Thank you for standing up, sharing your story and helping to get the word out on a disease that is WAY too often forgotten about, swept under the rug and ignored!

I should also add before finishing this blog up that I want to give a huge shoutout as well to the company mentioned in the above link, Forever Yours Lingerie who not only has stood by Elly Mayday through this battle, but is doing their own part to put this disease out there to remind everyone that it IS a concern and we SHOULD be aware!

Been Awhile…

Sorry to my more loyal followers in advance, it has been awhile since I posted last! For starters things at work have been pretty crazy, not to mention the fact that I am less than a month away from the climb now! 

On a more humorous note….  I also wasn’t blogging because I totally forgot my login information! So glad that I just figured it out again! 

25 days until we arrive in Tanzania, 27 days until we begin our climb! Its crazy to think this is getting SO close now ! We have been making final payments, working through our gear list to make sure we have everything, and hitting the gym on the daily. 

Its amazing to think how just a few years ago I was being told I was facing this disease and was questioning how to get through day to day and now I’m planning out something this big with my now husband! How life can change in an instant! 

This coming weekend we are doing a BBQ and information booth at the local Walmart. Fingers crossed that will help us to bring in quite a bit for Ovarian Cancer Canada, and also give me the chance to reach out to women who may already be, or some day may be, touched by this! We also have the walk coming up, for which I have taken on the Media Lead position in our area. Next week on Wednesday I will be on a local talk radio station with another woman talking about the walk, ovarian cancer, etc. LOVE having this chance to reach out and hopefully touch someone! 

Thank you to EVERYONE in our life… for the emotional/mental support, the donations, the volunteering at our events, the opportunities… This kind of thing doesn’t come together just because of one person!!!! Thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart! 

PS for anyone still wanting to donate, you can do so at